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Just like our cross-fitter and vegan forefathers before us, we Pickleballers tend to take great pride in educating others on just how amazing the sport of Pickleball is and how it has changed our lives.  We can hardly remember our lives before Pickleball, am I right? The pickleball court levels all playing fields. It is a place where age ain't nothing but a number and gender equality prevails. We have a sneaking suspicion that the answer to world peace somehow involves Pickleball.  So now we ask, who's in? Are you ready to join the Day Dinkers Club?


Juan, Philadelphia, PA

"I love pickleball but was having trouble finding on trend designs - look no further!"

Carly S, Toledo, OH

"I love these threads whether I am in the kitchen or out of the kitchen...but I better be out of that kitchen!"

Jen H, Athens, OH

"Pickle is my game of choice and now everyone knows it because of my new Day Dinkers crewneck sweatshirt!"
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