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Love & Basketball REMIX! Love & Pickleball

As a Cleveland sports fan there was nothing more thrilling to witness than the 2016 Cleveland Cavaliers championship run. The chips were stacked against us as we faced the very talented and heavily favored Golden State Warriors ( Steph Curry, Draymond Green, Clay Thompson).

Every game was an absolute nail biter and when our Cavs were down 3-1 we thought the writing was on the wall - you see, as a Cleveland sports fan, you tend to sign up for these things - big and small letdowns, it's just par for the course around here.

But not this time...

Somehow, someway, our Cavs clawed their way back from the brink of elimination. All of Cleveland screamed in joyous usion when we took the series 4-3 to win the NBA Championship.


The team of 2016 will forever be held close to our hearts as we all journeyed together on what was a fantastical, wild ride. Lebron James had the block of a lifetime and Kyrie Irving had the shot to ultimately fulfill Lebron James' promise to bring the national championship to Cleveland. Not to leave out a multitude of small moments that led us to our shining moment. Our hometown boy and his crew showed up for us and they will forever be our dream team.

Since flashes of magic can't last forever, most every member of the 2016 team has disbanded (until recently), with the exception of basketball legend Kevin Love. Kevin Love recently asked for a contract buyout so that he can follow his dream of trying for another NBA title before retiring. He will be taking his talents to South Beach - where have we heard that before? Just kidding - all is forgiven.

What else is Kevin Love up to?

The answer is pickleball.

That’s right! In the fall of 2022, Lebron James, Kevin Love, Draymond Green, and their companies entered into a contract to buy one of the MLP teams that is expanding from 12 to 16 teams next year.

“Each team fields two men and two women. James and Love aren’t the first celebrities to invest in the league. Existing team owners include retired NFL quarterback Drew Brees, former tennis champion James Blake, podcast host and author Brene Brown and “Million Dollar Listing New York” star Ryan Serhant.”

We salute you, Kevin Love - for bringing Cleveland the 2016 Championship. Cleveland will always hold space for you and we wish you well in Miami and with your new pickleball team! We will be following along from the 2-1-6!

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